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Relax’Art workshop

Parent - child

Duration :

Location :

The Relax'Art workshops take place in Poitiers and its surroundings in various rooms rented for the occasion.



About the session

The purpose of this session is to take a privileged moment with your child, to take advantage of a well-being break, of complicity and to anchor yourself in the present moment in order to stop the hubbub of everyday life.

Whether you are initiated or a beginner, these workshops will be beneficial for you and your child.

The approach of these workshops is based on well-being, sharing and conviviality. Even if some basic techniques will be taught to you so that you can evolve independently during the session, the final result of the work is not important. I will invite you to experiment with intuitive painting, to experiment with your child and to let yourself be guided by the rhythm of soft music.

For these parent-child workshops, a canvas stretched on a 15 x 30 cm wooden frame will be made available to you. The goal is that you can create a work with your child, that you can let go, find solutions so that your two artistic pastes can be harmonious and have fun with your family!

Leave with your souvenir work of a good time spent together.

Materials provided:

  • A cotton canvas 15x30 cm

  • Paint brushes

  • Acrylic

  • Ink

  • Alcohol

  • artist's palette

  • Painting knives

  • Pipette

The price indicated for the parent-child workshop corresponds to booking the workshop for 2 people (one parent/legal representative/family member and one child). If you want to come to the workshop with two children, for example, please contact me so that we can agree on a suitable price.
There is no age limit. Intuitive painting has the advantage of being suitable for a very wide age group, it can be adapted to all levels. However, the child must be able to follow the "instructions" and evolve during the session with his companion.

Course of a session

0 mins - 20 mins

20 mins - 1h15

1h15 - 1h30

Explanation of the course of the session and explanations of fluidart and its techniques that will be used during the workshop.

Workshop time. Intuitive painting to relaxing music. Guide and help provided to participants if needed.

Voluntary speaking time with questions focused on the analysis of feelings during the session.

Free cancellation up to 48 hours before the start time of the workshop.

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