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peinture abstraite bleu et blanche inspiree par l'ocean et les paysages marins nordiques, icebergs, la nature. Feuille d'argent.

Spelliard, a 24-year-old self-taught artist, is deeply inspired by her studies in human and environmental sciences, exploring the interactions between humans and the natural world through her artistic research. Her work is heavily influenced by her health struggles during her youth, with a focus on how our connections with nature can impact our daily well-being.

Using a fluid art technique that harnesses the physical and chemical properties of gravity, density, and dilution, Spelliard aims to replicate the natural phenomena of the oceans and convey the forces, movements, and emotions of the natural world. Her artwork also features regular geometric shapes, representing the relationship between humans and nature and how they can coexist in harmony.

Spelliard's art is an invitation to reflect on the cohabitation, exchange, and evolution of humans and nature as entities and as a unified whole. Her unique approach to capturing the essence of nature through art provides a thought-provoking experience that resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

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