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An exhibition to escape and discover the ocean through abstract art.

"Ma Planète Bleue" is a traveling exhibition that offers a unique experience of escape through abstract art by highlighting my paintings in movement on 10 different supports.

This exhibition has four objectives:

- Discover abstract art as well as the technique of fluid art;

- Educate visitors about the protection of the oceans by adopting an innovative and positive approach that combines art and the benefits that the ocean offers us in our daily lives;

- Allow visitors to discover the ocean, reconnect with nature and escape, without having to move, thanks to the power of abstract art and the imagination,

- Contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.





The traveling exhibition movesace in different places such as schools, neighborhood houses, social centers, entertainment centers, associations, festivals and hospitals, in order to reach a wide audience. It allows everyone, regardless of their knowledge of the ocean, to reflect on the relationship they have with it and to act for its protection, thanks to their imagination and their interpretation of the works.



"Art brings nature to life where it does not exist. Symbolic connections to nature seem to have almost as great an effect on people as a direct connection to it."

Would you like to host the exhibition on your premises? 

Contact me so we can discuss your project.

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This project is supported by the Institut de l'Engagement. Many thanks for their support.

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