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I am an artist with a passion for environmental science and art therapy, whose original paintings create a world where nature is queen, the connections between living beings are sacred and the links with our environment are essential.


Why? Let me tell you my story...

I am passionate about nature and the preservation of our biodiversity.


My dream was to travel through the 14 terrestrial biomes to study our planet and find solutions to protect it. However, my health problems forced me to reconsider my plans and my travel dreams evaporated.


But I didn't let myself down. I looked for a way to escape despite everything, to escape mentally and find inner peace.

artiste peintre contemporain abstrait inspiree par la nature vu du ciel
jeune artiste peintre contemporain, abstrait
artiste peintre devant la terre en vue aérienne

This is how I discovered abstract painting. Inspired by aerial views of the places I dreamed of visiting, such as Iceland and Greenland, the oceans stretching as far as the eye can see, I painted these landscapes on my canvases, I imagined myself to fly over them.


By immersing myself in painting, I found a refuge to escape and reconnect with nature, despite my physical pain. During these moments, time seemed to stop and my sufferings were less present. I then realized the positive impact that art and imagination could have on our well-being, as well as the healing power of nature.


These discoveries changed my life and pushed me to share this experience with others through my art.


By studying art therapy, neuroscience and environmental science, I learned how art can help cultivate our well-being and reconnect us to nature, even in the presence of physical barriers.


Today, I am passionate about the mission of being able to empower everyone to reconnect with nature and cultivate their well-being, no matter what challenges they face in their lives.

As a contemporary artist, I convey my vision of our times by focusing on the relationship between humanity and nature.

Through my art, I encourage rediscovering this connection with nature which contributes to our well-being. My works are an invitation to escape and reconnect with nature, offering a moment of peace in our daily lives which are often fragmented by nature.

Learn more about...

Learn to decipher my works in order to better immerse yourself in my artistic world.

Introduce yourself to my technique of relaxation through painting and create your own work. 

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