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Name : "  VATNAJOKULL  "


Size: 120 * 50cm - landscape orientation

Depth: 1.7cm


Completed in: 2020


Style: Abstract, Modern Art, Contemporary Art


Materials: Mixed media, natural pigments, composition gold leaf, acrylic on linen canvas.


➤ Each canvas has 2 coats of varnish to guarantee the best possible quality.


➤ Signature of the artist on and behind the canvas.


➤ A certificate of authenticity signed by the painter (myself) is attached with the canvas.


➤ Original handmade painting.


➤ This painting was made entirely by me, so it is 100% original and unique and no other copy will be created. Take your chance to get this unique painting!


➤ SHIPMENT: The canvas is sent on its wooden frame, stretched. It's ready to hang. The painting does not have an exterior frame but you can add one if you wish.


➤ I ship all over the world.






Name: "  VATNAJOKULL  ".


Size: 120 * 50cm - landscape orientation


Depth: 1.7cm


Painted in: 2020


Style: Abstract, Modern Art, contemporary art.


Materials: Mixed media artwork on a linen canvas. Made by different types of media in art. Natural pigments. Acrylic painting. Gold leaf.


➤  Every canvas has two coats of varnish in order to give you the highest quality.


➤ Signed on front and on back.


➤ Certification of Authenticity attached.


➤ This is my original handmade art.


➤ The painting is 100% ORIGINAL and unique (no reproduction of this painting will be done), hand painted. Take the chance to own this unique painting!


➤ SHIPPING: Painting will be stretched over inner wooden frame ready to hang but NO outer frame. Please refer to the pictures provided, they show exactly what you will receive.


➤ I ship to worldwide.


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